The LSVT Army is a group of soldiers waging war on mediocrity by spreading the word about the best training platform in the world - LightSpeed VT.

LightSpeed VT is a training solutions company.

We are a team of passionate people who believe traditional training methods are a bad investment. We believe that in order for training to actually work, there must be repetition, practice and accountability.

Our mission is to inspire people to learn by delivering the most engaging, innovative and reliable training solutions in the world.

Our purpose is to help create culture, develop people and grow revenue.

We like to work smart. We like to work hard. We have a whole lot of common sense, a ton of passion and a few brilliant ideas… now and again.

Every day we help our clients maximize their impact, reduce costs and increase revenue by staying innovative, inventing new features, listening to the users and keeping our technology on the cutting edge.

Join us in helping businesses, organizations, individuals and groups have the ability to easily train, develop, prosper and grow.

Join us in getting the knowledge from the people who have it to the people who need it!

Learn more at: www.lightspeedvt.com 

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